Atlantic Monthly – The Magazine That Is Better Than A Youtube Newscast

In an ongoing column from a list of featured writers, we are covering the history and impact on a variety of magazines on American Culture. Our hope is to educate the consumer and business audience to subscribe to magazines even in the face of quicker news delivery via the Web. The Atlantic Monthly (or The… Continue reading Atlantic Monthly – The Magazine That Is Better Than A Youtube Newscast

Using RSS in Your Web Pages

HTML Source EditorWord wrap Wikipedia defines RSS as Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts. Programs known as feed readers or aggregators can check a list of feeds on behalf of a user and display any updated… Continue reading Using RSS in Your Web Pages

Feeding Hedgehogs

With some animals its easy – they only eat one thing (snakes eat only mice / rats – except the rough greens who eat insects!). With other animals it can be a great deal harder! Hedgehogs will eat pretty much anything or so we are told. There is a lot of advice from other hedgehog… Continue reading Feeding Hedgehogs

Building Saddam’s Bunkers

Of all the places in all the World that I have ever been, the one which evokes the most interest is Baghdad. There are several reasons for this, the town still evokes images of the Arabian Nights and Sinbad the sailor, it has that exotic tinge reserved for those far away destinations most people never… Continue reading Building Saddam’s Bunkers