Online Marketing Course – Free Advertising Opportunities For Your Business

Free is a great word right now when businesses need every edge they can find to get ahead. These are just a few free advertising ideas available. Once you try them, you will see that sometimes free really is worth it.

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Locate the small newspaper editors in your area and submit articles about your expertise. Large cities won’t be as interested and most likely won’t even give you the time of day, so steer clear of these. However, small newspapers and especially independent newspapers are always looking for great content slot online yang sering kasih jackpot . Don’t write your article like an ad, write it like a newspaper column. Be informative and helpful.

Consider submitting your articles to magazines and hard copy newsletters using the resource box at the end of your article to advertise your business. Many online business owners write articles and submit them to the online directories but very few take the extra step to submit them to magazines. If you need help finding the submission requirements for each magazine just head to your local University library and ask for the resource books that list magazines and their editors. There are several.

Many businesses still put out a hard copy newsletter that they mail to their customer lists on a regular basis. If you do the same consider exchanging advertising with a complimentary type of business. Don’t select newsletters that directly compete with yours, but rather those that would buy both of your services.

Do a little research into your local radio and television shows. Stay away from the large networks, concentrate on the smaller independents. Approach the producers about being a guest on one of their shows. If you can sell them on the benefits to their audience, you might even be offered a show slot. Start small, and you could even find yourself on the large networks eventually.

Have ads printed on the backs of your business envelopes that tell what you business is about the URL. Do the same with a set of business cards and leave them everywhere you go…restaurants, banks, grocery stores, bulletin boards. You would be surprised how well this works.

Trade publications are often looking for fresh new content. Do a little research to find the trades that are available in your industry and submit an article to them. Next find complimentary industries to submit articles. Sometimes you expertise can be utilized in other types of trades. If for instance your expertise is in herbs, you can submit herb articles to the herb trade magazines but you might also look at the New Age industry magazines. Look outside of your normal audience and you might just find a whole new set of buyers. Be creative and brave. If you try it and fail, move on. If a trade turns you down and you are sure they are perfect for what you offer, try again in a month, but submit a new article.

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