How to Create a Strategy for Your Blog and Get Faster and Better Results

Let’s think about it. There might be a million readers you can reach, but chances are they are going to be pulled in a handful directions, and most likely to those who they can relate to. They also have choices because in every niche you’re in, there will be a lot of people doing the same thing as yours.

So once people know and like what you have to offer, they will keep coming back or subscribe to your RSS feed. This is a good thing because you can now follow up and build the relationship further.

What you do with those readers depends heavily on your strategy. If you are selling advertising space, your ultimate outcome would be to drive as many of them back to your site so they see the ads Sherry Dyson . The more ads the readers see, the more money you will make.

You may want to get their help when creating your next product. For that, you need to encourage participation in the comment area of the blog and interact with them.

Once you know the strategy, it is easy to know what to do next. This strategy can be flexible. You can change it as needed, but still you need one before you get started.

Of course, to create a sound strategy, you will need the knowledge about what’s possible with blogging and how to achieve it. You can browse web sites or read books to get you started quickly.

No, I’m not talking about the technical requirement such as a hosting or specific software. Far from that, you need to have some basic skills before you start a blog and go on your way to building a successful blog. Don’t think about starting a blog without these.

1. Time commitment
If you can’t allocate at least one hour per day to blog, you are just wasting your time and money. Blogging requires that you write regularly. Your readers will come back to get more information from you, but soon they will give up if you don’t update them with new content.

Things that you think will be a breeze, may take you hours at first. I still recall my first few blog posts took me a few hours to finish, for a 150-word article. Yeah, things got better after that, but the point is, don’t forget to take this into account. And most important of all, don’t give up.

2. Self-promotion
Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. No, I don’t mean that you should bluff. Like with this article, I’m writing as an individual who has been there and done it, and I am showing you what you need to get you started in blogging.

I like to teach, but that also boosts my ego as someone who knows better. I feel good about it. You should too. That’s why I keep writing and enjoy every second of doing so.

3. Web savvy
The myth goes as you don’t need a skill to make money online. There is nothing further from the truth. Even a McDonald’s employee needs to know when and how to flip burgers.

You are building a blog and it is a business venture, it is far more complex than flipping burgers. You need to, or at least are willing to, learn how to scour the Internet for news and keep yourself updated on the topic you blog.

A blogger needs to know how to format their blog post so it is interesting to read. You also need to be able to use different communication tools like email and instant messenger. If you want to include images, you also need to capture screenshots or edit images.

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