5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Online Business

Becoming self-employed and owning your business is the ultimate dream for many Americans. In this information age, it is now easier to start off business enterprise on-line than opening up a physical store due to lower startup and fixed costs. Whether you are a current business owner looking to expand online or starting a business from scratch, follow the steps below to go online.

Choose A Product/Service to Sell: You must have something that provides value to the public. Whether it’s a service such as copywriting or selling a physical product like shoes, you must research your market and create an effective business plan. Other people have found success online marketing affiliate products and services on a commission basis GoDaddy email login . It’s up to you on the path you choose; but choose something you have a passion for and can be an expert in. For those who have a current product oriented business, one recommendation we have is do not try to sell everything online. Choose products from your current inventory that you can market competitively and where you see demand for online. To illustrate this points go ahead and check out your local Wal-Mart. You’ll notice your local Wal-Mart has many more products in the physical stores that you simply don’t see on walmart.com

Incorporate Your Business and Register Your Domain Name: If you are starting from scratch, choose a business name that is available in your state or country. If you are a US resident, check the Secretary of State website for the state of your incorporation to verify your desired business name is not already taken. You must also check to see if the particular domain name you want for your business is available. Registrars such as namecheap.com and godaddy.com can allow you to search available domain names as well as register your domain name. You should plan on spending $10 per year for domain registration fees and an additional $10 per year to register your domain privately. Private registration will protect your personal identity and we highly recommend it. To save a few dollars, Google “GoDaddy coupon” for the most current GoDaddy promotion.

Create A Website and choose a Hosting Service: It’s an absolute necessity to have a professional, yet attractive website for showcasing your product or service. We have very affordable plans here at Twenty Tigers you should check out. Wherever you decide to go for your website design, look for a web host that’s dependable and has been around for a while.

Find a Payment Processor. If you plan on receiving money for any of your work, you need a payment processor and a merchant account. Contact your local bank as they can help set this up for you. Those who don’t want to be able to accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express directly can choose to set up PayPal or Google checkouts for free. Keep in mind the more options you give your customer, the more likely they will spend.

Build Traffic. Like any business it will take time to build a customer base. Building traffic is essential to achieve any type of stable income. There are many ways to build traffic: offline, organically through search engine optimization, or pay per click ad campaign.

When you are beginning in the internet marketing world it is difficult to determine just exactly where you should begin by doing what first. I want to tell you that under no uncertain terms that building a website or having one built for you is really critical.

If you are not an experienced web designer or are able to build a good decent website then by all means have one built for you because this is the most critical element as to whether you may be successful or not so do not come to this dance half stepping. I will not try to say that you can begin this business for no money at all or next to none. It is going to take a bit of cash to get you launched properly and you need to do it right as I always will say is that Newbies should have a website already, so what’s the hold up?

Another consideration is your web hosting and out of all of the articles I have written and blogs I have done I do not make recommendation but once in a blue moon and I have peeked outside and there is a blue moon so I would like to say that you will not go wrong by using GoDaddy for your web hosting. If you do go with GoDaddy be sure to Google GoDaddy and get a promo coupon to help with your startup cost.

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