Worm Composting – Some Information

Getting rid of waste is creating a lot of problems. Most of the waste that we throw away on a daily basis is organic waste. Organic waste is waste that can by broken down by nature through natural processes and decomposition Honeywell QuietCare HCM-6009 . This natural waste can be easily and safely disposed of through composting. Composting is the act of converting organic waste into manure. There are many ways of composting. There is composting of leaves where you gather the leaves that shed or the grasses that have been mowed and wet it cover it. It slowly decays and you are left with mulch that can be used for gardening.

Another way of composting is by using worms. Worm composting is great because you can add other organic waste like to the waste pile as well. To get started with this kind of composting you will need a bin or tray. You can get specialized bins that are designed for this purpose or you can use a normal bin. If you are planning on using a normal bin then you need to drill holes in the bin so that air can circulate and the worms can breathe.

Once you the bin ready to need to lay bedding for the worms. The bedding gives the worms somewhere to live when they are not composting. You can use shredded or cardboard for this. Wet the bedding before you put the worms in. Do not soak the bedding completely but just dampen it by spraying water on it.

You need to be careful about the type of worms you use. If you use just any worms then they will multiply and eventually die out leaving you wondering what happened. Red worms and European night crawlers are the best for worm composting.

You can add just about anything to the bin for the worms to eat but it is prudent to avoid things like grains, oily foods, dairy products and meat. These give off a bad odor as they decompose. You might also have a problem with maggots and fruit flies if you add the above mentioned products to the bin. Things like vegetable peels, fruits, egg shells (crushed), coffee grounds and tea bags.

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