A Look at Video Game Genres

A game is basically a structured form of interactive play, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and occasionally used as a teaching tool. Games are quite different from choreographed work, which generally is carried out for monetary reward, and from literature, which often is more of an expression of artistic or philosophical ideas. In most cases, games are played by individuals or teams with goals in mind, whereas choreographed work is usually performed by teams. Games have been a vital part of all forms of media, from board games to computer games, from video games to the internet.

A major component of any game is the task of trying to win. Most strategy board games, for example, revolve around the challenge of trying to create the most winning set of cards, in the shortest time possible. The objective of gameplay is to emerge with a set of cards that is higher than your opponent’s. The same concept can be applied to most multiplayer games, though there is typically less focus on gameplay and more on achieving a higher score. Multiplayer games give players a more dynamic experience, as they can play against each other, as well F95ZONE as against the computer, and the interaction and competition is generally greater because it is more naturalistic.

An action-adventure game is defined by an intense and detailed simulation of the environment, the characters, the history, or the setting. Action-adventures require the player to perform a series of tasks, complete with narrative and physical challenges, in order to uncover the causes of an event, determine a solution, or simply find out what happens next. There are several sub-genres of this game genre, including fantasy adventure games, mystery adventure games, psychological action-adventures, and romantic action-adventures. Most modern games in this genre are third person and point-and-click, but some are first person, and feature an almost interactional narrative.

A strategy game is defined by a limited number of randomly generated variables, such as terrain, character generation, turn-based combat, item and skill acquisition, and interaction with the environment. Strategy games are extremely popular among casual gamers, as the limited amount of data that is available (as compared to character generation and turn-based combat) makes the game much more interesting, as people can explore a bit more of the game world without worrying about dying too soon. However, this genre has also received a great deal of criticism from those who feel that the genre is too “builder” and “iterative” rather than pure fun. The most fun fact about strategy games is that just about none of them involve real combat.

Visual Novels are games in which the player takes a character through the story in either a first-person perspective, or a third-person perspective, using a variety of interactions with the environment to affect the plot. In most visual novels, the player can create their own avatar and play through the game as that character. Using a cell phone, the player creates a character, selects an interactive movie from a library of licensed works, and begins the story in the present time. Using text messages, the player interacts with other players online or through handheld devices, typing in commands and feedback to manipulate the plot of the game. While most visual novels do not have a narrative, some have very well written, detailed, artistic endings that lead to a conclusive ending.

Mystery is a multi-faceted multimedia genre that includes hidden object, mystery solving, cryptograms, puzzles, or other game mechanisms that help players solve a puzzle or achieve some objective while attempting to uncover a secret. In many cases, a puzzle game will require players to use logic in order to solve the puzzle. The biggest appeal to this genre of game is that players can become experts at finding the key to the puzzle or find holes in the evidence. One of the biggest complaints about puzzle or adventure games is that it is often hard to find secrets or other items that can help you in the game. The Internet has opened up the gaming industry to allow players to seek out and purchase these types of products, increasing the appeal of this type of game for millions of users.

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