What is on the Firefighter Exam?

A firefighter puts his or her life on the line every day to rescue people and save their property from being damaged. This usually requires an extreme level of dedication and bravery, without which a person cannot become a firefighter CISM exam . You need to be completely committed because other people may get hurt, not just you. This is why civil service agencies have implemented a firefighter exam which covers a wide range of issues.

The ultimate goal of the firefighter exam is to give seasoned firefighters the opportunity to assess the potential of the candidates, as well as their commitment and love of the job. There are too many lives at stake to risk allowing someone who isn’t fully dedicated to pass the firefighting exam. The written test is designed to tests a wide range of skills and abilities that do are not necessarily connected to firefighting regulations or procedures.

It is very rare for a direct question regarding firefighting protocols to appear on the firefighter exam because the law states it is not a requirement. However, they are still sometimes included as a basis to judge the candidate’s level of common sense and problem solving capacity.

One of the abilities the firefighter exam is designed to test is the candidate’s capacity to analyze and understand information that is presented as a chart, table, graph or diagram. It is also an area where one’s capacity to follow written instructions is tested.

Another area the firefighting exam focuses on is mechanical inclination. This does not mean you need to be an experienced mechanic, but you will need to show some understanding of how different devices work. You also need to be able to read dials and gauges accurately, or a disaster may result.

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