The Ins and Outs of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance plans offer a cheaper option for insurance providers, particularly in the short-term, because they do not have to cater for the medical exam bill. Most of these plans do not ask health-related questions, although some carriers may ask health questions without requiring a medical exam. Therefore, insurance buyers are expected to say if they are aware of any serious medical conditions they may be having Security+ certification. . . Failure to give all the relevant information could result in policy cancellation. Besides, insurance carriers are relying on other sources to determine the health status of their applicants, including the medical information bureau.

A no medical exam life insurance is recommended for persons who are unwilling and/or unable to undergo a medical exam. It is also recommended for persons who have a health history and/or a preexisting medical condition, and perhaps have been denied insurance in the past. Such a plan allows you to get insurance without the hassle of needles. People who are nervous about discovering an underlying medical problem they may be having may opt for this plan.

No medical exam life insurance is beneficial for older people and people who have minor or major health problems. If you have not visited the doctor for a long time, but require an insurance cover right away, this plan makes a perfect choice. Nevertheless, exams are not recommended for everyone. The insurance coverage is usually limited, often ranging between $50,000 and $250,000 in face value. Therefore, if you are interested in a larger coverage, a no medical exam life insurance plan may not be right for you. Alternatively, you should consider shopping around and you will be surprised to find several leading insurance carriers offering coverage of up to $1,000,000.

This plan is often more expensive than the traditional, medically underwritten plans – the price tag can be at least 50% higher. Insurance carriers justify high prices for their products by virtue of the fact that they take on a huge risk. Therefore, premiums for these types of plans are substantially higher. However, without a medical test, potentially serious conditions could go undetected. Undergoing a medical exam for insurance purposes offers an ideal, free avenue for knowing your health status. Furthermore, the information can be forwarded to your personal doctor if you like, to pursue the necessary action.

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