The Stapless Stapler – An Office Miracle!

Never buy staples again. How wonderful is it that you don’t have to deal with those shape, pointed, metal wires ever again? From 5 to 25 pages these miracle office tools miracle sheets review can bind pages together without any of the headaches of old.

Miracle Sheets | Miracle

Stapless Staplers come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They are made of plastic or metal with a flexible spring construction. They are light weight and portable, come in sizes small enough to fit on a key chain, in a purse, pocket or a backpack but they are also available in larger sizes that won’t get lost easily on your desk or in your home. For children they come in friendly little animal shapes but for the executive sleek office designs are available.

By inserting the pages that need to be bound together into the stapler and pushing down, the staple free stapler punches a v shaped tab in the corner of the papers that folds in on itself, similar to a tiny paper pocket. It securely binds the pages without using any metal pins or staples. Upon release, pull the papers out and the sheets will be securely affixed together.

The headaches of dealing with “old technology” or metal staples are gone. No longer will you snag your clothing, kill your shredder, have sharp metal objects jam into your fingers or be forced to pick staples out of the sole of your shoes. Nor will you ever have to buy a box of staples again! It is safe for children and elderly parents to use and you need not worry about the dog or cat swallowing or stepping on little, shiny, shape objects. Your vacuum cleaner will benefit as well.

Not only are these devices safe and easy to use but they are better for environment. Paper recycling becomes easier because there are no longer staples that need to be removed. There is very little waste since you will no longer be faced with staple rows that break into parts or get stuck in the machine and are no longer usable

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