Attracting Women – Law of Attraction

Attracting women isn’t difficult when you use the law of attraction. Attracting women becomes rather simple once you use the simple tenets in your life to bring yourself into vibrational harmony with your match.

Attracting women with the law of attraction is a simple three-step process: ask, answer, receive women vibrator . Many people focus on this as a spiritual teaching, which is to say that you focus your desire on what you want, the universe answers, and you then get what you asked for–and it must happen by law! However, I think that reading is a little overzealous.

Rather, I’d like to propose to you this reading: asking is where you clarify your ideal woman and remove the blocks that occur when you think about being with her. Answering is where you try things to get the woman you’re looking for. And receiving happens if you were “in vibrational harmony” with your beloved, which is to say that you had some rapport and she liked you because you were likable and confident.

You don’t have to change much about how you view the law, but rather take not as the universe giving you things, but rather coming into alignment with how things already are so that you can get your goals. For instance, if you wanted to be a lawyer, you wouldn’t watch a ton of Matlock and then imagine yourself running around solving mysteries. You’d go to law school where you’d learn how to think, act, and feel like a lawyer does.

Likewise, you wouldn’t complain that law school was causing you to fundamentally act like a different person because you’re gaining skills and perspective, not a complete identity. And it’s the same with the skills for attracting women.

If you’re interested in attracting women, think about yourself in this same way: how can you think, act, and feel like a guy that is attracting women you’d like to? It might just be that you go to the wrong places. Maybe you talk to the wrong people. Or you think negatively about relationships or yourself or others. Or you’re still heartbroken or jaded from your past. You might just not try to meet women. Maybe you’re locked with fear

Ladies, I don’t need to tell you that men can be a bit sensitive about their bedroom prowess. We all like to think we’re kings of the castle, lords of the mountaintop. That’s why, when dealing with vibrators, guys can be a tad screwed up.

Every man is different, but some guys out there are scared to death of your little electric friend. Vibrators make them nervous. They make them feel inadequate. In short, these dudes have vibrating issues, my friends.

But before we talk about these self-conscious guys, let’s start with the good news: Some men actually love vibrators. They hail your pleasure gadgets as the greatest invention since sliced bread, happy hour and plasma TVs. To them, your vibrating pal is a godsend. Getting you to the big “O” can be challenging enough, they say. Why not get a little help?

“The vibrator does the work for you,” says Jim, 28, pointing out that taking you to the sexual summit is asking a lot from our various body parts. “Sometimes, physically, you can’t do jaw-wise what you want to do.”

Lovers of the vibrator are comfortable with their masculinity. They aren’t afraid that a machine will put them out of the lovemaking business. “Unless they have vibrators that are like jackhammers, I will never be intimidated,” says Frank, 27.
Besides, men should want their ladies doing some solo experimentation with a vibrator, says Shane, 33. “It’s good that a woman knows where the sweet spots are, so then she can steer the guy.”

In Shane’s humble opinion, too many women don’t know their own bodies and what it takes to make them orgasm. Some quality time alone with a vibrator could change that. It’s like the old joke: What does it take to get to Carnegie Hall? “Practice, practice, practice,” he says.

On the flip side of the vibrator divide are the men whose teeth chatter and boots quake at the thought of you needing some battery-powered assistance.

These men already feel enough pressure in the bedroom trying to understand your plumbing. Knowing they may be compared to a “toy” doesn’t make the business of sex any easier. “We can’t compete with the giant electric armadillo,” said Joe, 31. “I’m only what God made me.

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